Baby’s Transition to Solid Foods

We introduced solid foods to Reagan when she was six months old. Until then, she had been exclusively breastfed. I was unnecessarily worried about this transition and spent more time than one should researching what foods I wanted to introduce, in what order and what time of day I was going to feed it to her.

Naturally (not), I was worried that after tasting something she would have an allergic reaction and we would need to rush to the hospital. Thankfully, my over paranoia was for naught and she loved solids from the start. I introduced one new food a week, one hour after a breastfeeding session and around lunch time (so she was hungry but not overly hungry and frustrated).

intorducing your baby to solid foods with the help of a golden retriever dog

Month 6:

Week 1: Avocado mixed with breast milk (mixed to a consistency that would run off a spoon)

Week 2: Sweet potato mixed with breast milk (also gave her very thin slivers of soft avocado to try out as finger foods)

Week 3: Cooked Pear Puree, I a pear until very soft and used a stick blender to blend to a smooth consistency- she did not prefer this and instead ate small pieces of avocado and steamed sweet potato sticks I gave her. Also introduced green bean puree (since she ignored the pears), I steamed green beans (until very soft) and then used a blender (it gave a more smooth result than the stick blender) and added a little breast milk to this to make her more interested. (still offering avocado and Sweet potato)

Week 4: I made my own rice cereal and she turned her nose up at it. Tried the same with oatmeal and she loved it. I put old fashion oats in a blender, blended for two minutes (until it was a powder) and cooked it on the stove top with water. (This is a recipe/idea from Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron).

I alternated between pureed and soft foods (introducing soft non purred foods is called Baby Led weaning ). I recommend reading, researching and doing what feels right! Whatever you decide will be great for your baby! puree

At 6 months, I also introduced a cup with a straw for water, which we still use now at 14 months!

Baby's first cup with a straw
Baby’s first straw cup

I used these two books and thought they were pretty helpful:

Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron: This book is a bit extreme at points (using dried dessicated liver in my baby’s porridge, i think not) and assumes your baby will be a vegetarian (mine is NOT). But the breakdown list of fruits and vegetables and at what stage they should be introduced was really helpful

Wholesome Baby Food by Maggie Mead: A little more realistic than super baby food, they also have a helpful website. I bought the book used for less than $5 and have referenced it off and on for the past 6 months.

*This plan worked for us, but you should always consult your pediatrician regarding introducing solid foods to your baby and specifically discuss any foods that may pose allergy risks!




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