Mother of the Year Nominations

Reflecting on my parenting this week, I truly believe I have a really good shot at winning the title of Mother of the Year.

For example, I got Reagan dressed (and I was dressed- win win), snack cup and water bottle filled and decided we would go on a brisk walk (see how I am also making time for physical fitness, aren’t we the vision of perfection!?). Buckle her in the stroller and we are off! After a brisk 30 minute walk, we arrive home and I assume she has spilled her water because she is SOAKING wet. I remove her from her seat, begin dabbing the stroller with a towel, when  of the corner of my eye, I notice out (in a similar fashion to a male dog), Reagan has lifted her fully clothed leg and is peeing on the tire of my car. A steady stream of tinkle flowing down her leg onto the garage floor. Guess I forgot her diaper…

Another nomination worth event was this week, when we were rushing somewhere ( I have a hard time being on time to anything these days) and I placed Reagan in her seat, made sure she had her bear, pacifier, blanket, hat, sunglasses…. and hopped in and pulled out of the driveway.


Reagan begins yelling HELP HELP HELP. I stop the car and look back thinking she dropped on of the 16 stuffed animals she likes to hold while driving and I HAD NOT BUCKLED HER IN THE CAR SEAT. Major mom fail. So thankful my little gal loves to police and notify mom when she is not doing something right. YIKES.

Another good choice; deciding to wear white to a toddler Panera date on Black bean soup day:

Not pictures: bean hand prints on the back!
Not pictured: bean hand prints on the back!

This was after I gave her a bite of soup that was too hot, that she proceeded to try to get out of her mouth (and with my assistance) managed to fling beans within a two foot radius. I felt so bad for potentially burning her mouth, I immediately picked her up allowing her a perfect opportunity to wipe her mouth on my bosom. It was then, I decided I could now use my sleeve as a napkin. Full disclosure: the red spot on the front is my own mess. Guess we both need bibs!

There are many more stories that would convince you that I am in the running for mother of the year 2015. I’ll save those for another day. Never a dull moment as a parent…



We are the Strangers Pretending to Know You

Pre-baby days I spent a full hour  in the grocery store, examining all the produce, reading ingredients, walking through the aisles with my detailed and organized list by section (you can scoff at how annoyingly organized I was) and sometimes even went to two stores so I could get the best items (the thought of this post baby makes me nervous sweat, TWO STORES? No way.)

Post baby and the grocery store is a social outing. We roll in there with our snacks and drinks and stop and say hello to everyone. I am not exaggerating when I say my daughter Reagan will say “HI HI HI” until you look and wave- to everyone. Even sometimes the produce and the frozen fish. If you don’t look, or acknowledge her, I am then a bit miffed that you are ignoring my super friendly child. So, I begin to frantically wave and also say “HI, Hello!!! She is saying HIIII”. It takes all I have not follow-up with a “NO ONE PUTS BABY IN A CORNER” (although I understand it really makes no contextual sense in our situation). We have properly conditioned everyone who works at the local store we frequent to vehemently wave and say hi (probably just to stop me from joining her or being on the receiving end of my YOU BETTER BE FRIENDLY stare.)

grocery shopping with a toddler

Between our forced friendliness and the fact that 8 out of 10 times one of us is missing a shoe (hint it is not normally me- I am the one with mismatched socks and oatmeal in her hair) by the time we get to the checkout aisle, I am sure they breathe a sigh of relief when we exit.

Maskcara’s IIID Foundation Review

Review of Masckara's IID foundation for highlighting and countouring from a makeup novice

I will start this off with a disclaimer. I am not a makeup expert. If it is any indication of my makeup prowess-or lack thereof, I have been wearing the same color eyeshadow palette since junior high (shout out to cover girl’s shimmering sands trio!).

I hesitated to publish this review as I kept waiting for a more glamorous photo of myself (and lets be real selfies are never really all that glamorous). In reality, my daily life as a mom of a one year old, leaves few reasons for me to get dolled up and take the perfect picture. So here is a review form just an average mama, trying to look like she has more sleep than she does, and pretends that wearing workout clothes daily is in style.

When I started reading Maskcara’s blog about a year ago, I was inspired to try some new things (clearly not eyeshadow colors) and have just recently been brave enough to try some highlighting and contouring.

I normally just wear tinted moisturizer or BBcream (really don’t know the difference between the two) so this is out of my wheel house!

First, I like the packaging, and appreciate the compact is customizable and refillable. Big bonus. I also think it is the perfect size.

Cara (from Maskcara) will help you pick colors and even help you determine your face shape (I am an oval). I just posted a picture on instagram, tagged her within the hour she had responded with some color recommendations!

I watched this video and gave it a go:

Masckcara IIID foundation review from a makeup novice
Weird that it didn’t erase my wrinkles ;)

I wouldn’t call the first attempt a failure because I certainly look better in the photo on the right, but I didn’t quite get the blush right and I was a bit timid with the contouring.

I got a little bit braver about adding more contour,  luminator and lip color the next day…

Masckcara IIID foundation review from a makeup novice
I find taking selfies without my dog or daughter to be a bit awkward!


Some observations:

– The contour color goes on lightly so you can layer to get the right amount of shading (so no need to worry about putting on too much at first). This is GREAT for a beginner like me who is afraid of looking dirty instead of contoured!

– This does not go well onto dry skin. When I first applied it, I knew I needed a few days of intense moisturizing before this wouldn’t look a little cakey. (I am too vain to post these pictures). Once my skin was less dry, it was perfect. Cara, does warn her readers that you must moisturize and exfoliate for this to look good!

-The blush; I almost did not purchase this, but I love it as a lip tint (as she suggests) and a little goes a long way with it on the cheeks! I am still trying to master the cream blush, without looking like a lady of the night.

-It is toddler proof in the sense that, it does not rub off and it is long lasting! I can play all day and still look reasonable at the end of the day! :) And it took about 5 minutes to put on (this may be why it doesn’t look amazing- but I am a work in progress!)

-The brush is great. I use it for application and to blend the colors.

Overall I would recommend this to anyone wanting to try new make up or the highlighting and contouring method. It is affordable and fail proof (if I can use it anyone can!)





Baby’s Transition to Solid Foods

We introduced solid foods to Reagan when she was six months old. Until then, she had been exclusively breastfed. I was unnecessarily worried about this transition and spent more time than one should researching what foods I wanted to introduce, in what order and what time of day I was going to feed it to her.

Naturally (not), I was worried that after tasting something she would have an allergic reaction and we would need to rush to the hospital. Thankfully, my over paranoia was for naught and she loved solids from the start. I introduced one new food a week, one hour after a breastfeeding session and around lunch time (so she was hungry but not overly hungry and frustrated).

intorducing your baby to solid foods with the help of a golden retriever dog

Month 6:

Week 1: Avocado mixed with breast milk (mixed to a consistency that would run off a spoon)

Week 2: Sweet potato mixed with breast milk (also gave her very thin slivers of soft avocado to try out as finger foods)

Week 3: Cooked Pear Puree, I a pear until very soft and used a stick blender to blend to a smooth consistency- she did not prefer this and instead ate small pieces of avocado and steamed sweet potato sticks I gave her. Also introduced green bean puree (since she ignored the pears), I steamed green beans (until very soft) and then used a blender (it gave a more smooth result than the stick blender) and added a little breast milk to this to make her more interested. (still offering avocado and Sweet potato)

Week 4: I made my own rice cereal and she turned her nose up at it. Tried the same with oatmeal and she loved it. I put old fashion oats in a blender, blended for two minutes (until it was a powder) and cooked it on the stove top with water. (This is a recipe/idea from Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron).

I alternated between pureed and soft foods (introducing soft non purred foods is called Baby Led weaning ). I recommend reading, researching and doing what feels right! Whatever you decide will be great for your baby! puree

At 6 months, I also introduced a cup with a straw for water, which we still use now at 14 months!

Baby's first cup with a straw
Baby’s first straw cup

I used these two books and thought they were pretty helpful:

Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron: This book is a bit extreme at points (using dried dessicated liver in my baby’s porridge, i think not) and assumes your baby will be a vegetarian (mine is NOT). But the breakdown list of fruits and vegetables and at what stage they should be introduced was really helpful

Wholesome Baby Food by Maggie Mead: A little more realistic than super baby food, they also have a helpful website. I bought the book used for less than $5 and have referenced it off and on for the past 6 months.

*This plan worked for us, but you should always consult your pediatrician regarding introducing solid foods to your baby and specifically discuss any foods that may pose allergy risks!




Veterinarian Visit + Baby = Nightmare

They look so calm here #deception
They look so calm here #deception

Scene: Small Veterinarian office…

Extremely nervous and jumpy 75lb dog in one hand, 20lb toddler in the other. Said dog puts paws on counter while I am signing in, knocking papers and pen off counter. As I am apologizing for this indiscretion the dog begins to maniacally bark realizing there is a dog behind the desk. I drop my wallet and toddlers shoe falls off. So, I drop the dog leash (we are alone in the waiting room by the grace of God), pick up wallet, finish signing in, sit on the floor (YUCK) and attempt to place shoe on wiggly baby’s foot. While wrestling gently managing toddler’s shoe a stranger walks in who, my aforementioned large dog, immediately jumps on. Place toddler on chair, run to apologize and get dog. In those mere 30 seconds, toddler has found free dog treats and is eating one. Rush over to her take it away and give it to the undeserving dog (insert increased perspiration).

We settle and I pray the dog who is being seen is a teacup yorkie who is mellow and carried out past us without causing a scene. No such luck. The pit bull emerges and my normal weenie dog (how weenie you ask; the dog is afraid of BUBBLES) starts growling and barking like he is on some sort of doggy upper. They immediately close the door and take pit bull back, I begin yelling over the barking (and toddler crying at this point) that I will go outside. Toddler shoes fly off, keys are dropped and my wallet is now under some bench – don’t care. We leave the office walk outside and away from entrance.

Extremely kind pit bull mama emerges with apologies (I am apologizing too my dog behaved just as poorly) with toddlers shoes. We re-enter the office and are put back in the examination room. This is where toddler begins to believe she is the one getting shots and starts crying again and frantically doing the ALL DONE sign over and over. The dog also beings crying and pacing. I silently pray that this vet has kids and or a crazy dog or a beer we could share. Find a stuffed animal in the office (goodness knows where that things has been or in how many mouths? ew) and give to toddler, she quiets and snuggles the dirty stuffed animal. Vet enters; crying and barking commence- the shot is given in 5 seconds (bless you vet for your speedy efficiency) and we can leave. Toddler will not release stuffed animal; they graciously say we can keep it (although they were desperate for us to get out of there- I think they would have agreed to anything). We exit the exam room, I manage to let the dog jump on an old lady while I attempt to pay with crying toddler in hand, scramble to open door to get out and loose another stupid cute little shoe.

Get in car; take a deep breath and laugh. I realized we had been in the office for 15 minutes (not 45 like I imagined). My own personal traveling circus.