Donating my Hair

I got rid of my security blanket. This is the shortest my hair has been in the past 20 years. I went into the salon asking for a Jennifer Aniston cut (who doesn’t want to look like Jennifer Aniston!?) and came out convinced I should donate my hair and 7 inches later…


dontating hair

I feel like it is a HUGE difference¬† (my hair before), but my husband got home and did not notice until I pointed it out…<insert heavy sigh>. Good news is, I think it is growing on me, and it is literally growing, so it wont be too long before it is long again!

My hairdresser said he was going to give my hair to a local place he knows that makes wigs for children who cannot afford them. It makes me feel good that someone could benefit from my security blanket. I encourage you to research different hair donation options other than Locks of Love (which my hair donation was too short to qualify for) if you don’t meet their standards, there are many other options! This blogger does a great job describing her experience and providing some alternative places to donate!


Have you ever donated your hair? What was your experience?