Holiday Travel Tips and Tricks

We are staying in California this Christmas to celebrate my daughters second birthday and do Christmas festivities in our home (I think I am more excited about it than she is!). If you are traveling this holiday season, here are some tips to maximize your travel budget and hopefully save a few bucks! Head on over to USAA’s Member Community to read the whole post:

Holiday travel tips

If you will be traveling for Christmas, Hanukkah or New Years and haven’t already purchased your plane ticket, check out these tips to help secure the best price!

Where do you start?

1. Try not to buy your tickets over the weekend. Airline companies know this is when you have the most time to buy, so the prices will be higher. The best time to buy tickets is on Tuesday afternoons* (after 3pm Eastern). This is when the airlines lower their prices from the weekend, and match each others sale prices.

2. When you search for a departure date, you will find that the cheapest day to fly is Wednesday (this is because most people do not prefer to travel in the middle of the week- but note this is NOT the case the Wednesday before Thanksgiving), the second two cheapest days are Tuesday and Saturday. The most expensive days to travel are Friday and Sunday.

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