Maskcara’s IIID Foundation Review

Review of Masckara's IID foundation for highlighting and countouring from a makeup novice

I will start this off with a disclaimer. I am not a makeup expert. If it is any indication of my makeup prowess-or lack thereof, I have been wearing the same color eyeshadow palette since junior high (shout out to cover girl’s shimmering sands trio!).

I hesitated to publish this review as I kept waiting for a more glamorous photo of myself (and lets be real selfies are never really all that glamorous). In reality, my daily life as a mom of a one year old, leaves few reasons for me to get dolled up and take the perfect picture. So here is a review form just an average mama, trying to look like she has more sleep than she does, and pretends that wearing workout clothes daily is in style.

When I started reading Maskcara’s blog about a year ago, I was inspired to try some new things (clearly not eyeshadow colors) and have just recently been brave enough to try some highlighting and contouring.

I normally just wear tinted moisturizer or BBcream (really don’t know the difference between the two) so this is out of my wheel house!

First, I like the packaging, and appreciate the compact is customizable and refillable. Big bonus. I also think it is the perfect size.

Cara (from Maskcara) will help you pick colors and even help you determine your face shape (I am an oval). I just posted a picture on instagram, tagged her within the hour she had responded with some color recommendations!

I watched this video and gave it a go:

Masckcara IIID foundation review from a makeup novice
Weird that it didn’t erase my wrinkles ;)

I wouldn’t call the first attempt a failure because I certainly look better in the photo on the right, but I didn’t quite get the blush right and I was a bit timid with the contouring.

I got a little bit braver about adding more contour,  luminator and lip color the next day…

Masckcara IIID foundation review from a makeup novice
I find taking selfies without my dog or daughter to be a bit awkward!


Some observations:

– The contour color goes on lightly so you can layer to get the right amount of shading (so no need to worry about putting on too much at first). This is GREAT for a beginner like me who is afraid of looking dirty instead of contoured!

– This does not go well onto dry skin. When I first applied it, I knew I needed a few days of intense moisturizing before this wouldn’t look a little cakey. (I am too vain to post these pictures). Once my skin was less dry, it was perfect. Cara, does warn her readers that you must moisturize and exfoliate for this to look good!

-The blush; I almost did not purchase this, but I love it as a lip tint (as she suggests) and a little goes a long way with it on the cheeks! I am still trying to master the cream blush, without looking like a lady of the night.

-It is toddler proof in the sense that, it does not rub off and it is long lasting! I can play all day and still look reasonable at the end of the day! :) And it took about 5 minutes to put on (this may be why it doesn’t look amazing- but I am a work in progress!)

-The brush is great. I use it for application and to blend the colors.

Overall I would recommend this to anyone wanting to try new make up or the highlighting and contouring method. It is affordable and fail proof (if I can use it anyone can!)