Mother of the Year Nominations

Reflecting on my parenting this week, I truly believe I have a really good shot at winning the title of Mother of the Year.

For example, I got Reagan dressed (and I was dressed- win win), snack cup and water bottle filled and decided we would go on a brisk walk (see how I am also making time for physical fitness, aren’t we the vision of perfection!?). Buckle her in the stroller and we are off! After a brisk 30 minute walk, we arrive home and I assume she has spilled her water because she is SOAKING wet. I remove her from her seat, begin dabbing the stroller with a towel, when  of the corner of my eye, I notice out (in a similar fashion to a male dog), Reagan has lifted her fully clothed leg and is peeing on the tire of my car. A steady stream of tinkle flowing down her leg onto the garage floor. Guess I forgot her diaper…

Another nomination worth event was this week, when we were rushing somewhere ( I have a hard time being on time to anything these days) and I placed Reagan in her seat, made sure she had her bear, pacifier, blanket, hat, sunglasses…. and hopped in and pulled out of the driveway.


Reagan begins yelling HELP HELP HELP. I stop the car and look back thinking she dropped on of the 16 stuffed animals she likes to hold while driving and I HAD NOT BUCKLED HER IN THE CAR SEAT. Major mom fail. So thankful my little gal loves to police and notify mom when she is not doing something right. YIKES.

Another good choice; deciding to wear white to a toddler Panera date on Black bean soup day:

Not pictures: bean hand prints on the back!
Not pictured: bean hand prints on the back!

This was after I gave her a bite of soup that was too hot, that she proceeded to try to get out of her mouth (and with my assistance) managed to fling beans within a two foot radius. I felt so bad for potentially burning her mouth, I immediately picked her up allowing her a perfect opportunity to wipe her mouth on my bosom. It was then, I decided I could now use my sleeve as a napkin. Full disclosure: the red spot on the front is my own mess. Guess we both need bibs!

There are many more stories that would convince you that I am in the running for mother of the year 2015. I’ll save those for another day. Never a dull moment as a parent…