USAA Digital MilEx Conference

USAA Community Managers at #USAADigiMilEx
USAA Community Managers at #USAADigiMilEx

I had the privilege of spending last week in San Antonio at a two-day (plus a bonus day at USAA headquarters) conference hosted by USAA. The lovely people I am pictured above with are:

Wendy Poling
Angela Caban
Chad Storlie

I work with them as contractors for USAA writing for their Member Community and moderating a member forum. It is the BEST job. I can work from home with my little one and the hours are flexible.

Back to the conference: The energy and inspiration coming off a conference is a pretty wonderful feeling. I took notes during many of the presentations to remember their enlightening tidbits and made an attempt to meet everyone in attendance. I am still in awe of some of the inspirational people I was fortunate to listen to present and meet. I am looking forward to writing a more in-depth summary, but until then, I encourage you to consider attending a conference in your area. What conference you ask? Anything that you are passionate about! A blogger conference, a parenting conference, a candle making conference; you will be invigorated by your fellow attendees success and drive!

In addition, it may give you a chance to be photographed mid-speech and enables you to examine your awkward speaking faces and hand gestures! At least they didn’t catch me mid shimmy! (I have a tendency to use large and flamboyant hand movements)

USAA Community Manager Speaking at USAA DigiMilEx
Speaking tip: don’t roll up your notes. It makes them harder to read…

Can’t wait to highlight many of the other bloggers and entrepreneurs I met! I am going to spend today following up with all the wonderful people i met, a must do after a conference! Twitter is full of fun tidbits and photos from the conference, search #USAADigiMilEx if you are interested to see who was there and some candid photos!