We are the Strangers Pretending to Know You

Pre-baby days I spent a full hourĀ  in the grocery store, examining all the produce, reading ingredients, walking through the aisles with my detailed and organized list by section (you can scoff at how annoyingly organized I was) and sometimes even went to two stores so I could get the best items (the thought of this post baby makes me nervous sweat, TWO STORES? No way.)

Post baby and the grocery store is a social outing. We roll in there with our snacks and drinks and stop and say hello to everyone. I am not exaggerating when I say my daughter Reagan will say “HI HI HI” until you look and wave- to everyone. Even sometimes the produce and the frozen fish. If you don’t look, or acknowledge her, I am then a bit miffed that you are ignoring my super friendly child. So, I begin to frantically wave and also say “HI, Hello!!! She is saying HIIII”. It takes all I have not follow-up with a “NO ONE PUTS BABY IN A CORNER” (although I understand it really makes no contextual sense in our situation). We have properly conditioned everyone who works at the local store we frequent to vehemently wave and say hi (probably just to stop me from joining her or being on the receiving end of my YOU BETTER BE FRIENDLY stare.)

grocery shopping with a toddler

Between our forced friendliness and the fact that 8 out of 10 times one of us is missing a shoe (hint it is not normally me- I am the one with mismatched socks and oatmeal in her hair) by the time we get to the checkout aisle, I am sure they breathe a sigh of relief when we exit.

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